Thursday 30 October 2014

Why Physics

I remember I was looking at one of the Professor Richard Wolfson's courses, I don't remember the exact words but the core of his saying was that "physics is the study of motion". If you think about this in depth definition, you'll find you can explain everything with this.  You may say, you've missed the Matter, I say matter if just an abstraction over small moving particles. Then if you say, OK what the about those small particles, I'll say the mass itself is something that comes from motion.

OK, now I'm going to extend this definition and say that could we also explain some social phenomena like love, war and ... with this definition, why not!? The only thing we have to think about it is that every branch of science can be considered as an abstraction over one or more other branches. I'll talk about it later, but I think we can build a hierarchy of science branches exactly like the class hierarchy in software engineering, and then we will see that at the top of them, the branch which all other sciences has been inherited from is Physics.