Experiences and Skills

I am a Software Engineer who lives in Toronto and currently works as a research consultant and remote developer. Although I graduated as an Electronic/Computer Hardware Engineer, I just worked in that field for two years. I am so happy and proud of having an Electronic background because that branch of engineering is more mature than Software Engineering, and, to be honest, unquestionably I see that Software Engineering has borrowed many ideas and theories from Electronic Engineering.

I always have been fond of Physics and Mathematics; this is why I usually relate my projects to these fields or try to find some meaningful analogies. I firmly believe Engineering is not Science; engineers should deal with real-world problems using science as their primary tool but not necessarily the only one.

I have worked more than 25 years on different software projects, as low level as assembly and FPGA programming to high-speed, real-time data processing or data mining. Almost 15 years of these experience have been in Telecom and Networking industry, so mainly I am familiar with their requirements at both networking and operational aspects.

At the moment the tools and languages I am fluent in, and I use them in my projects are jQuery, D3.js, Java (Core, EE), Spark (MLlib, GraphX, SQL), MySQL and MongoDB, but I do not have any problem using any other languages, specially C++/C.