Monday 19 February 2018

Credit Card Transactions Anomaly Detection

A Practical Guide on Modeling Customer Behavior

Most people think deep neural networks or any other modern machine learning techniques are capable of doing almost anything at least in specific single domains. Even if we consider this is a correct claim, the problem is we usually do not have access to enough data (specially labeled) to train a neural network and expect that magic. That is why most of the successful machine learning projects which catch our attention come from giant companies who have enough money to pay for data and hire hundreds of people to label the data. Now the question is, what can we do if we do not have that much money or labeled data, but still want to or have to use machine learning techniques? This technical white paper is the result of real experience on different projects in medium to large sized companies. Companies that just give us access to millions of transactions per hour and ask to find the anomalies!? Solving these kinds of problems is the real magic! ...

Download the pdf:  Credit Card Transactions Anomaly Detection

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