Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hierarchy of sciences - 6, Sociology

Although it is strange but we saw we can describe human behaviour with physics only. If you say we didn't exactly prove these things, I'll say yes we didn't, we just wanted to give an idea of if it is possible or not. We didn't do it because we don't have time to do such a thing and don't have detail knowledge, in fact it needs a team of scientists to provide an exact proof for this claim and most of the scientists when reach to a degree of knowledge simply feel that this claim is the only way to exactly describe any phenomena.

Sociology is the study of human social life. Anything, economy, crime, art and ... Now same old question, can we describe it with physics? So we want to study a system which contains human and some deterministic physical environment. This study is again difficult if we want to do it just by physics, because human itself is too complex and we used some other abstractions like biology, psychology to describe it, now who wants to study the human brains products like art, economic and ...

We can use the exact argument we used in last post to show that art, economy and ... can be describe by physics alone.

We also can talk about if these human made phenomena or activities are deterministic or not. For example was it possible to predict that da Vinci would paint Mona Lisa when he was just an infant? We will talk about this later, we need to talk about systems, states, and provide some mathematical background before we can talk about these things in English, but it is not that difficult we will do it soon.