Thursday 27 November 2014

Stability patterns do exist in our societies too

You may think I'm joking but stability patterns do exist in every society, small, medium or large like
in a family, at work, in city or country and .... Before describing this claim, I have to add if you look for the roots of whatever human has brought or invented in computer science (even in other sciences), you'll surely find something like something in nature and the stability patterns have the same story too.

Let us consider a small company which produces bicycles. The production line has some divisions, to make it simpler we just assume the production line has three parts, P1 is responsible for building whole wheel, P2 is responsible for building the complete frame and there is also P3 which assembles wheels on the frame. And there is also just an inventory for a limited number for complete bicycle and each of P1 and P2 also has a small local inventory space.

It is more than obvious that this small ecosystem we described should have the same software stability patterns we talked about in the last post. Why? Look at the picture if P1 so fast that P3 colluding free space from P1's inventory then P1 has no space to keep wheels, same for P2. And again if P3 works faster than P1 and P2, P3 may get out of wheels and frame to assemble them and gets idle, or if P3 works faster than the speed of sales (which delivers complete bicycles to customers or shops) the P3 will face out of inventory space. So you see how important is these stability patterns, exactly like what we must have in a software ecosystem.

But this is just one face of the stability patterns, there is another aspect in which we should enforce some of these stability patterns. Consider the people who work at this company, the management of the company should enforce many stability patterns to the way people work or behave there. For example, consider there is an employee in the company who is not satisfied with his job and is unhappy. This unhappiness like a problem in a software system can be spread to others and makes serious production and profit problems. So the HR and other departments of the company must have some procedures to make sure all of the employees are happy with their job and try to fix employees problem if they find any.

Same things exist in cities, countries even the whole human world. Think about why a thief or a murderer must get jailed? If he doesn't, he continues breaking laws and stimulates the society, and, as a result, society approach to an uncontrollable situation, then before going to this state, the law enforces whoever they are, try to fix problems of the society.

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