Saturday 15 November 2014

Human, example of an advanced software program

When your parents tell you, for example, go to the grocery store and get some grocery for the weekend. The instructions or orders they give you to go where, do what and ... is an example of a software or better to say a program that runs on you. Yes, they somehow have the ability to run this program on you and get the result. Weird, no? In fact, you are the hardware which runs your parent's software program.

It gets more weird if we find out that we humans as a machine or hardware, have a very advanced built-in software program which allows us to reprogram ourselves or develop our software. Let me give an example here, consider you are an obese human and decide to change your lifestyle, eat healthy food, go to the gym everyday do workout and ... At first it is difficult and you don't like to follow the new lifestyle rules, but after sometime if you have the require will, you can change your lifestyle and get in shape gradually. 

What you have done, is basically nothing than changing the software program running on your body machine somehow that follows your new lifestyle, nothing else. Why some people can't change their lifestyle? Yes, we can say they are not good lifestyle programmers. But this doesn't mean that they are completely bad programmers, they may be good at programming their body machine to do some other things. 

The human's body machine is able to run many programs at the same time, one may help them to walk, one to see around, one listen and ... one which is responsible for coordination of the all these sub-programs. We usually have such an architecture in our human developed software programs, but we have never been able to develop a software that reprograms itself to gets the best from its resources it has like what we humans can do.

I don't want to get deep and see if this human hardware works as a multi-thread super fast hardware or as a cluster of small machines, but whatever it is, it can run a very complex program that modifies and develops itself trough the years the body grows. 

This post was just an introduction for writing stuff about software. I don't want just to write my philosophical points of view of things around us, so I'm going to talk about more software programming detail soon. 

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